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About Us

Client Minders is a family-owned business specializing in bringing back the personal touch that is sorely lacking in today's business world. Since 2002, our passion has been helping businesses and individual professionals build strong, life-long relationships with their clients using our personalized greeting card services. We are currently headquartered in Corrales, NM.

Why Choose Client Minders?

  • First and foremost, we will help you realize the full lifetime value of your clients. The lifetime worth of a client is the income they generate over the course of their affiliation with you, including the business they bring you through referrals. We do this by helping you develop the type of personal business relationships you need to keep your clients a lifetime. No other type of marketing can approach the personal touch of a greeting card.

  • Client Minders offers full-service greeting card programs and mailing services. Many card companies just offer personalized greeting cards with no mailing programs at all. You still have to do all the work including addressing envelopes, keeping track of important dates such as birthdays, stamping and stuffing envelopes, signing each card, etc. After your initial set-up with Client Minders, we do all the time-intensive work.

  • Pricing is low compared with many of our competitors and is all-inclusive. While you may see lower per card prices elsewhere, you must take into account set-up fees and other charges. One of our competitors charges you a set-up fee of over a hundred dollars. This is before a single card has been sent! We have no program set-up fees and we don't charge extra for scanning your signature and printing your envelopes. Unlike many of our competitors, we have no yearly renewal fees or monthly “database maintenance” charges.

  • Some of our competitors use printing and scanning technologies not suitable for the greeting card sending business. With a few card sending services we researched, we received greeting card samples in which the reproduced handwriting was printed with wax-based printers. This resulted in a signature that looked as if it had been written in crayon. Many other card sending companies also used lower print quality settings to save on printing supplies. These companies sacrifice quality for price and your clients -- the recipients of these cards -- will notice.

  • We use many different greeting card suppliers. This means you get a high-quality card from a professional greeting card publisher. More importantly, it means our business contact information never appears anywhere on your finished cards. Many of our competitors publish their own line of greeting cards and have their business name, phone number, and website address listed on the back of each card. To the end recipient of the greeting card, this reveals the fact that you used a card sending company. Revealing this information clearly defeats the purpose of using our type of service.